Workshop FAQs

“When do you typically schedule workshops?”
We try to schedule our workshops once every other month on a weekday evening. This may vary according to how busy our business and personal schedules are. We take a break from hosting workshops during the retail holiday season.
“How much is a class?”
Our class is $65 plus tax per person. We require full payment and our registration form to be filled out before we can reserve any openings. This price includes a small can of our paint in a color of your choice, supplies, and light snacks.
“How many people can attend the class?”
We have set a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 10 people and their pieces of furniture. Openings usually book quickly, especially if they sign up in groups, so we suggest signing up ASAP. If you have a group of 8-10 people wanting to attend a class together, we can host private painting classes, as well.
“What will we be learning?”
In this class, you will learn how to professionally prep, paint, “age”, and protect furniture. Everyone should have enough time to paint and possibly distress their pieces. Though we do not have enough time for everyone to practice the glazing and top coating on their own pieces, we will demonstrate those steps on our own piece of furniture so you can take what you’ve learned to finish your project at home.
“What will I need to bring?”
You will need to bring a small piece of furniture NO LARGER than 22w x 22d x 32t . We have allowed people to bring a few drawers from a dresser or chest or cabinet doors. People have asked if they can bring a picture frame or a small decor item. Small accessories aren’t the best to learn on, so we don’t recommend them.
“How do I choose my paint color?”
After filling out our registration form and making your payment, you can choose one color of paint from our samples that we have here in the store. We always suggest that you see the colors in person, as the online colors may be off, but if you can’t make it to the store, click here to view sample sheets. We recommend that paint colors be chosen no later than two weeks before the workshop date so we can make an order for any out of stock colors. Anyone who signs up later than the two week mark or waits until after that deadline must choose from our limited stock, so we cannot guarantee that you will get the color you were hoping to use.
“How long do the classes last?”
We begin the class at 6:00 sharp but ask everyone to show up at least ten minutes early so we can get everyone signed in and take a before picture of their furniture. The class usually takes about an hour and a half to two hours and we allow time for everyone to purchase additional paint products at 10% off after the class.
“Do you plan on having advanced classes?”
We do, we just haven’t had very many people inquire about them, so we know we probably wouldn’t meet our minimum of 8 attendees just yet. We may plan some in the future if we know we’ve had enough interest.