Painting Estimates & Contract

If you wish to get an estimate on a piece you want to bring in, send is a picture (via text or Facebook) of the piece as well as dimensions and what existing finish it has and we will gladly reply with an estimate. Price may vary if you desire any layering techniques to be applied (multiple layers of paint, custom graphics, etc.). Once you have paid a 50% deposit and signed the contract, you are then in our timeline and we will notify you on when to drop-off your pieces.


If purchasing a piece of furniture, a 50% deposit is required at the time of contract signing (unless other arrangements are made between client and ReBlessed). Final payment is due upon completion of services.

All clients must agree to have all options (color, detailing, etc.) chosen within two weeks of the estimated completion date given or an extra $20 per week storage fee will be charged until the client reaches a decision.

We will contact the client once their furniture is completed. Furniture must be picked up within one week of the completion date or an extra $20 per week storage fee will be charged. If storage fees are not paid and/or furniture is not picked up after a 4 week period, the client forfeits deposit and ReBlessed retains the rights to sell, donate, or dispose of the items.

All sales are final at time of contract signing. No refunds or exchanges will be made. If client decides not to proceed with contract, client agrees to loss of full deposit and rights to item.

Clients are also responsible for all loading and unloading of furniture. We will not be responsible for any damage to furniture during loading or unloading.

ReBlessed is not responsible for any damage of malfunction of items sold as the furniture is previously owned.

Furniture brought in by client must be in a clean state or an extra cleaning fee at a minimum of $20 will be applied.

A signed copy of this agreement will be necessary to make a purchase or make a down-payment.


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