Meet The Crew

Meet The Crew



Hi! My name is Sondra and welcome to the ReBlessed website. What a ride the last couple of years have been. The success of this business venture has far exceeded my hopes and dreams. Let me start by giving credit to those who are most important in my life and who I couldn’t have done this without.

First, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Without Him, I am nothing! His guidance and direction every step of the way has always directed my life, in the good times and bad.

Next, my family. My wonderful husband, Don, has been so loving, supportive, encouraging, and hard-working at helping me see my dreams come to reality. To my sons, Ryan and Sean, and daughter-in-law, Breanne, thank you for your hours of work and support. Without my family by my side, none of this would be worth it.

I also want to thank a few special people that have helped me on the way. Sheri has went on road trips, listened to me talk and talk and talk, done countless hours of research and work, and dreamed of my vision along with me. Sandy has been a lifesaver in the store since I first started. Her willingness to learn and help in any area that I need has always been appreciated. And Justin, my awesome sander. God answered prayers for both of us! My sisters, Alma and Beth, and my mother, Norma. My in-laws Don and Barb and so many more! And last but not least, my newest assistant, Katie. A person who understands my vision and my love for what I do. For her dedication and hard work she has done in the short time that she has been here. This website was one of my dreams which came to reality through her.

As you browse through this website, please enjoy my success along with me. My hope is that you will be blessed as you visit ReBlessed!


Hello there! My name is Katie. My journey at Reblessed began when I was looking for inexpensive furniture to fill my husband and I’s first home. A couple of friends of mine had suggested this little store that painted furniture to your liking. Since we have very little selection in this town, it was hard for me to find exactly what I wanted, so I decided to check out a store that would allow me to do exactly what I wanted. As soon as my husband and I walked through the door, I had this strange feeling. I think that somewhere deep down, I somehow knew I wasn’t just at the store to shop. Sondra approached us with her infectiously positive attitude and I immediately felt welcomed. We then shopped, found a great dining table, and took forever choosing our colors (if you don’t know me, I am a very picky person). After I left, I had this overwhelming since of belonging at Reblessed and knew I had to see about working there. I returned to the store, started to get to know Don and Sondra and discover what great people they are, and the rest is history!

If you want to know about me, I am passionate about creativity and design. So passionate that I can’t even fathom what my life- or life in general- would be like without it. The innate ability to create is right up there with the ability to love, in my opinion. Without my creativity, I would have missed out on so much. I believe that it has molded me into who I am and will continue to challenge me and always keep my life interesting.

As far as style goes, I have been cursed to love all things fancy, expensive, and unique. I cringe at the thought of my home looking like my neighbors, which causes me to also be cursed to love a lot of things that are hard to find in southeast Missouri. My budget and location don’t usually allow me to live as lavishly and decorate as stylishly as I would love to, so I have to use my beloved creativity to get the look I want for less.

Since I strongly value originality, my style is constantly evolving and stretching beyond the normal limits. I love mixing styles and easily become bored when everything in my home starts to look too similar. I believe that each person is so unique, even if they don’t show it, so why have a home that looks like everyone else’s home? Throw some of your own flavor into your spaces and let your house say things about yourself!


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