GF Chalk Style Paint


The makers of our superior furniture paints, General Finishes, have created a Chalk Style Paint! Why get excited and how is it different, you may ask?

Chalk style paints have made their way into so many craft and hobby stores that it’s very difficult to now find a good balance between price and quality. Many of the paints out there are either high quality but over priced while others are inexpensive but very cheaply made. Trust us! We’vepainted almost 500 pieces of furniture with just about every brand of paint out there, so we may know a bit about the paints we’ve used,

With General Finishes, the price is 35% LESS than leading chalk paint brands and is made with the same care and consideration for quality as their milk paints are. Other than a cheaper price, there are some other notable differences between our chalk style paint and the other competing brands and between our Milk Paints.

— It can be intermixed or layered with our Milk Paints.

— It can be wet distressed within 12 hours of application, and can be sprayed with compressed air, HVLP, airless & C.A.S. units.

— It has a shorter shelf life, so you will want to make sure to use leftover paint quicker than you would with our other paints.

— It is not an exterior rated finish. It can be used outdoors, but only if you want an aged look and are not concerned about reduced durability. If you are concerned, we have other products that are exterior rated.

— It does not require the use of wax or top coat. You may want to use our easy-to-apply top coats for extra durability on high-wear surfaces such as table tops, cabinets, drawers, or doors, but our top coat is a piece of cake to apply!
(The reason this is so amazing is because wax is difficult to work with and requires a lot of elbow grease. On top of that, it does not protect your furniture very well and has to be re-applied every year, which is something many companies won’t mention on their packaging.)

So now that you’ve heard, come see for yourself! It comes in 20 beautiful colors inspired by relaxed Scandinavian hues, British tradition and American favorites.

Prices are $14.95 (pint) and $24.95 (quart).