Why Use Our Paints?

Have you ever used or thought about using regular, run-of-the-mill latex paint or spray paint on piece of furniture or cabinetry? How about the ever-popular chalk paints that require a wax finish? If you have used these products and have experienced some levels of disappointment with them, then you’re not alone!

We have painted with latex paints, and we know that even if you do the most strenuous prep work beforehand, you may still end up with some dreadful results: things sticking to your surface as you try to lift them, bubbling or peeling paint, obvious scratches… the list could go on! And with other chalk paints? Well, the wax finish that is usually required with them can be a total nightmare to apply and requires yearly upkeep.

I am here to tell you that a new day has come for furniture painting! We have painted 400 pieces of furniture and counting in just about every type of paint out there, so we have a lot of confidence in telling you that we carry some of the most durable paints we’ve ever used and that they are a great value based on quality and cost! Other leading brands out there can cost around $40 or more for a quart of paint. Plus, you have to purchase a $30 clear wax and colored waxes if you wish to antique. Add on a “special brush” they say you have to have for $40 and you’ve just given yourself a minimum total cost to $110. Our paints run at $14.95-19.95 a pint and $24.95-29.95 a quart and can be brushed on with simple, everyday brushes. Though these costs are still more expensive than most latex paints, don’t let that scare you! This paint will cover a surprising amount of square footage! And yes, there are cheaper specialty paints out there, but I am just going to tell you that in my experience with them and by our customer testimonials, the price reflects the quality.

Our Paints vs. Latex Paint

1. Painting with latex paint requires sanding the piece down to the bare wood, adding a coat or two of primer, then painting. Our paints require very little prep. All you do is sand the shine off with 220 grit paper, clean off, and paint! If painting with shades of white, a primer is recommended, but that will be the same for any paint.

2. Latex paint can be distressed, but without any type of additional top coats, it can start to peal once the paint has been distressed. Plus, since the latex paint isn’t made to adhere to wood, the sandpaper can take off too much paint, making it look like the paint has scratched or peeled off. Our paints were made with distressing in mind! Not only are they easier to distress, but they look more natural once distressed giving you that coveted time-worn look.

3. Latex paint takes much longer to dry and can take up to six months to cure for EACH coat of paint. This is why items that sit on it will often times seem to stick to the surface. Your layers underneath haven’t cured, causing it to appear dry but still have a tack. Our paints and top coats dry and cure very rapidly, allowing you to finish your project in a fraction of the time.

4. Latex paint does cost about the same amount of money per gallon as our paints costs per quart. However, a little bit of our paint goes a long way. You can sometimes paint multiple pieces with just one quart of our paint and since it dries much faster, your projects take a fraction of your time.

Our Paints vs. Leading Brand Chalk Paints

Chalk paints require a wax top coat. If you’ve ever waxed a piece of furniture, you will know that one time of waxing is one too many! It is a very exhausting process that takes a lot of elbow grease, expensive brushes, and cramped wrists. Then once you are done slaving away with the wax, you have to buff the entire piece. Plus, if a waxed piece sits in the hot sun, the wax could start melting and collecting dust, causing your furniture to look dingy and dirty at all times. Also, the wax can start to wear overtime, requiring reapplication about every year or so. Last but not least, if a piece is sealed in wax, you have to completely strip it off before trying to paint with other products, otherwise you may end up with paint that scratches off with one light graze of a fingernail. Sounds like a nightmare, right? Are you ready for some good news?

Our paints do not require waxing! The only product you will have to use if you want added protection is our water-based high performance top coat that is a breeze to apply, dries almost instantly, and lasts a lifetime! All you do is smoothly glide it on with a foam brush. That’s it! No waxing, no buffing, no mysterious growths forming on your hands because of the pressure from the wood brushes (yes, it happens)! Now this sounds like a dream!

Still skeptical? See the difference for yourself! Come try out our paint in a workshop (coming January 2016) or purchase some at our store to try on your own.